Courtland - General Admission

Prices listed are for non-residents. Genesee County resident may purchase discounted tickets at the door or by phone at 810-237-3450. Upon arrival, Genesee County residents must present driver’s license or ID with address on it to confirm residence.


Courtland - General Admission with Traveling Exhibit

Prices listed are for non-residents. Genesee County resident may purchase discounted tickets at the door or by phone at 810-237-3450. Upon arrival, Genesee County residents must present driver’s license or ID with address on it to confirm residence.

Accidental Astronauts


Skies over Michigan

In My Backyard


Pink Floyd Light Show

First Friday

Perfect Little Planet

Ooky Spooky Light Show

Wedding Reception-6hr

Open House

Cosmic Christmas

We Are Stars

Changing Earth

4th-6th grades

The surface of the earth is constantly changing. Use stream tables to explore how rivers change their courses. Explore how earth processes change landforms and investigate the rock cycle.

Queen Light Show

Trivia Night

Space School

Galentines Day

Princess Tea

Teddy Bear Picnic

4-5 year-olds

Bring your favorite stuffed friend for a teddy bear picnic in the Longway Planetarium garden! We’ll go on a garden hunt, make lemonade to drink, and play teddy bear games.

STEM Discovery Camp

1st-3rd grades

Choose from two dates. The same activities will be presented each week:
Date: Monday, July 6-Friday, July 10
Time: 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
Date: Monday, July 20-Friday, July 24
Time: 1:00-4:00 p.m.
Location: Longway Planetarium
Fee: $95
Kids will explore these exciting science, technology, engineering, and math topics:
Dinosaur Discovery: Learn how fossils were formed while making your own fossil model. Use clues from “fossil finds” to piece together a Box-A-Saurus, while thinking about how dinosaurs lived in their environments.
Weather: Weather can be wild! Explore severe weather while learning how weather works.
Bugs: Go on a bug hunt in the planetarium garden and explore the lives of insects, spiders, and other crawlers. Compare and contrast life cycles and investigate camouflage and mimicry.
Tinker Lab: Use a variety of materials in new and creative ways. Play with light and shadows, create noise makers, and craft a bracelet using old plastic containers.

STEM Exploration Camp

4th-6th grades
Location: Longway Planetarium
Kids will explore exciting science, technology, engineering, and math topics:
Build-A-Zoo: Draw an animal from the hat then design and build a zoo enclosure that provides all of the animal’s needs. Combine your enclosure with others to create a model zoo.
Energy Explorations: Investigate light, sound, electricity, heat, and energy from the sun.
Crazy Contraptions: Use art materials to design and build your own drawing machine. Choose from a variety of materials to build a contraption that will move a marble through obstacles.
Natural Hazards: Earthquakes, volcanoes, and wild weather! Explore how earth processes impact humans and how technology helps us predict, prepare for, and recover from natural disasters.


Big Astronomy

Living Green

5th-8th grades

Learn how to become a good steward of planet Earth. Discover different ways clean energy can power cities, explore ways you can use the three 'R's in your home, and create your own project using items found in nature.

Kitchen Chemistry

5th-8th grades

Mix it, measure it, make it! Use basic math and equations to work your way through recipes and create delicious treats.

Life in the Roman Empire

5th-8th grades

Uncover unique treasures and fascinating stories from the Roman Empire. Explore the life of a Roman soldier, and how a catastrophic volcanic eruption changed lives forever.

Makers Challenge Camp

5th-8th grades

Enjoy a variety of DIY projects, design challenges, and opportunities for free building. Design a sail car and learn the basics of torch-fired enameling while making a piece of jewelry. We’ll provide the supplies; you provide the creativity!


Aerospace Engineering

Sensory Friendly Planetarium Show

Kinderscience Camp: Tinkering Engineers

Be a problem-solving architect, carpenter, and mechanical engineer as you build your own creations using everyday objects!

Kinderscience Camp: Nature Detectives

4-5 year-olds

Let’s explore nature! Learn about daytime and nighttime animals, examine creepy crawlers, and go on a nature hunt.


Kinderscience Camp: Space Voyagers

4-5 year-olds

Voyage through outer space as you learn about the sun, moon, stars, and planet Earth through hands-on experiences.


Popping Curiosity

Engage your five senses to explore a POPular salty snack. What does it smell, feel, taste, look, and sound like?

Magnet Madness

4-5 year-olds

Use hands-on tools and materials to explore the properties of magnets. How do they work? How do we use them in everyday life? We will even build our own structures using magnetic blocks!

Treasure Hunters

4-5 year-olds

“X” marks the spot! Use your mapping skills to hunt for a special treasure located at the spot marked with a red “X.”

Mighty-Mites Math

4-5 year-olds

Think like a mathematical genius as you investigate objects based on length, weight, and height.

Kinderscience Camp: Water Explorers

4-5 year-olds

Explore the properties of water! Let’s build rivers, test objects that sink or float, and discover ways to melt ice quickly to retrieve a special prize! We’ll even celebrate our learning with a water party on the last day of camp. We encourage campers to come dressed to get wet on the last day of camp!


Planes, Trains and Automobiles

4-5 year-olds

Do you love planes, trains, and automobiles? Let’s work together to discover how these modes of transportation operate.

Our Bodies as Machines

4-5 year-olds

Our bodies help us do important things every day! Have you ever noticed that our bodies work like machines? Join us as we safely use our bodies to complete tasks, just like machines.


4-5 year-olds

Become a paleontologist for the day! Let’s create our own fossils and use scientific tools to uncover, examine, and build dinosaur bones.

What's the Matter

1st-3rd Grades

We encounter the three states of matter in everyday life. Explore the scientific properties of solids, liquids, and gases through hands-on activities.

Science is a Work of Art

1st-3rd grades

If you enjoy both science and art, you will love this experience! Let’s combine our scientific and artistic skills to create magnificent, meaningful pieces of art.

Anishinabek: Past, Present, Future

1st-3rd grades

Step back in time and learn about the Native Americans that traveled to the Great Lakes region. Discover what tribes settled in this area and what daily life was like. Explore how life has changed over the years and create a piece of art that is still created by Anishinabek today.

Pollution Solution

1st-3rd grades

Be a part of the pollution solution while trying out easy ideas for reusing and repurposing everyday objects. Design and build a filter system to try to clean up dirty water and sort some common household items to get them ready for recycling.

Geology Rocks!

1st-3rd grades

Be a rock hound! Start your new rock collection while cleaning, sorting, and classifying your finds. See how rocks and landforms change over time while learning about weathering and erosion.

Mission Control

1st-3rd grades

Are you ready to explore air and space? Learn about life on the International Space Station and how astronauts have begun to grow plants in space. Investigate the solar system, moon, Earth’s atmosphere, and more in your out-of-this-world adventure. Planetarium show included.

Unraveling the Mysteries of the Human Body

1st-3rd grades

Take a closer look at what makes humans tick! Examine human anatomy and physiology, and discover the importance of refueling with proper nutrition.

Geo Art

1st-3rd grades

Explore what happens when art and math collide. Create string art, explore angles, and create 3D shapes, all while learning about geometric designs.

Plant Life

1st-3rd grades

How does your garden grow? Design your own beautiful pot to plant in. Explore life in the garden with a plant-themed scavenger hunt. Investigate the effects of geotropism, as your plants grow upward against gravity.

Alpha Omega Girls Camp: Make It Move

3rd-6th grades

Longway Planetarium partners with some of Genesee County’s best teachers! Guest teachers from the Alpha Omega Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma Society will be on hand as girls explore motion with fun engineering challenges. Use a variety of art and craft materials to build a balloon buggy, build and fly a beautiful kite, and design and build cardboard automata.

Wonders of the World Camp

1st-3rd grades

Take a journey around the world. The Wonders of the World, both natural and machine-made, will be your inspiration for activities you create as you discover what makes earth an amazing planet.


Makers Challenge

4th-6th grades

Choose from a variety of DIY projects and hacks that invite you to imagine, think, design, and create. Think of new ways to use everyday materials while making projects to take home.

Green Thumb Gardeners

4th-6th grades

Discover the basics of gardening! In a single afternoon, you’ll learn how to make a garden from start to finish. Find out what plants need to grow, and how to keep plants healthy and pest-free.

Take to the Sky

4th-6th grades

Fly high as you explore air pressure and flight! Discover ways to stay afloat, create your own flying gadget, and find ways to make everyday items fly!

Tangled Teasers

4th-6th grades

Are you ready for a challenge? Exercise your brain and your teamwork skills to crack codes, solve puzzles, and explain the unexplainable.

Waves and Wrecks

4th-6th grades

Learn about the history of shipwrecks in the Great Lakes. Use the tools of scientists to explore and learn about artifacts found by divers. Discover what weather contributes to shipwrecks in the Great Lakes.

Chemistry Under Pressure

4th-6th grades

Explore force, pressure, and how chemicals can change! What chemicals will we have to mix together to explode a Ziploc bag? Can two liquid chemicals create a new solid substance? Explore physical and chemical changes!

Artistically Scientific

4th-6th grades

Dabble in science and mix up a masterpiece. Find out how you can use science experiments to create one-of-a-kind works of art.

Journey to the Past Camp

4th-6th grades

Monday, July 27-Friday, July 31

Travel back in time to become a pioneer during the 1800s in Michigan. Learn about children’s chores with hands-on activities like darning, air fresheners, and a tin punch. Learn about pioneer culture and their daily life through historical exploration. Enjoy a week of living in the past while having fun.


Voyage to Space

4th-6th grades

Take a trip through our Solar System and beyond while investigating planets, moons, and stars. Let’s watch a planetarium show, too!

Unseen Universe