Accidental Astronauts


Skies over Michigan

In My Backyard

Pink Floyd Light Show

First Friday

Perfect Little Planet

Violent Universe

Forces & Motion 1

Physical & Chemical Changes

Ooky Spooky Light Show

Wedding Reception-4hr

Fun Night - Planetarium

Workshop: Wonder of Water #1

Workshop: Wonder of Waters #2

Cosmic Christmas

Workshop: Bugs

Workshop: Energy #1 - Introduction

Workshop: Energy #2 - Plants & Animals

Workshop: Energy #3

Workshop: Energy #4 - Box City

Workshop: Gardener

Overnight: Sky is the Limit

Workshop: Motor Away

Workshop: Air of the Wolf

Overnight: Digging the Past

Workshop: A World of Sound

Overnight: Engineer

Exhibit Install

Portable - Perfect Little Planet

Portable - Skies Over MI

Lil Sweeties Dance

We Are Stars

Queen Light Show

Overnight: Home Scientist

Workshop: Super Science

Overnight: Inventor

Overnight: Adventures in Science

Workshop: Make it Move

Overnight: Flowers

Overnight: Trees

Overnight: Sky

Trivia Night

Galentines Day

Tea Service

Life of Trees

Dinosaurs Unearthed

Workshop: Good Knights

Workshop: Grow Something

Workshop: Boy Scouts - Finger Printing

Overnight: STEM- Think Like an Engineer

Edge of Darkness

Workshop: Lego League Junior

Wonders of the Artic

Dawn of the Space Age