Accidental Astronauts


Skies over Michigan

In My Backyard


Walk-through Museum - School

Galactic Goo

Ice Cream

Marker Robots

First Friday

Under Construction


Build a cool marble maze, play with construction toys in the sandbox, use magnets to sort hardware, and use tools to build structures.

Perfect Little Planet

Violent Universe

If I Could Build A City

Resources-The Resourceful Red Hen


History Detectives

Michigan's Pioneers


Forces & Motion 1


Moon Phases

Build Your Own Ecosystem


Physical & Chemical Changes

Moon Phases & Eclipses

Amusement Park Science

Take-Out: Plants

Take-Out: Sound

Take-Out: Galactic Goo

Ooky Spooky Light Show


Open House

Portable - In My Backyard


Changes Demonstration

Workshop: Earth Rocks

SpacePark 360

Cosmic Christmas

Workshop: Gardener

Overnight: Sky is the Limit

Portable - Perfect Little Planet

Portable - Skies Over MI

Rocket Day

We Are Stars

Mother's Day Tea


Enjoy a three course tea, including scones, finger sandwiches, and dessert. Weather permitting, this event will be held in Sloan Museum’s Courtyard. Sloan Museum admission included—on the last day to experience Be The Astronaut! Choose from two times: 12-1 p.m. or 2-3 p.m.


Take-Out: Weather

Sloan Auto Fair-Vehicle Registration

Your Registration fee helps the Sloan Museum maintain, purchase and restore vehicles.


Ancient Greece

Stone Age Adventures

Sloan Auto Fair-Vendor Registration

Your Registration fee helps the Sloan Museum maintain, purchase and restore vehicles.

Art in the Lab: Space Art

Art in the Lab: Bubble Art

Take-Out: Art in the Lab: Bubbles

Queen Light Show

Workshop: Letterboxer

Workshop: Geocacher

Overnight: Flowers

Overnight: Trees

Overnight: Sky

Workshop: Boy Scout Merit - Space Exploration

Overnight: Night Owl

Trivia Night

Fossil Science

Space School

Tea Service

General Admission - Be An Astronaut

Rocket Science: Easier Than You Think!

Rain or Shine


Is it sunny or rainy? Cloudy or sunny? Make a weather report folder to help describe the weather. Make and use an air spinner to catch the wind and make a bracelet that changes color in the sun.

Dinosaur Discovery


Work together to build a Box-A-Saurus, make a fossil model, and build your own dinosaur ecosystem model to take home.

Hands-On Math

Teddy Bear Picnic


Bring your favorite stuffed friend for a Teddy Bear picnic in the Longway Planetarium garden! Go on a garden hunt, make lemonade to drink, and play Teddy Bear games.

Kinderscience Camp: Science Stars


Imagine you’re an astronaut, a zookeeper, and a chemist in your adventures with STEM! Make a beautiful piece of space art while learning about the planets. Help organize a paper animal zoo while learning what animals need to survive. Mix, measure, and pour safe household chemicals for fun reactions. This camp will offer opportunities for structured activities and free choice play. Caring adults are welcome to stay and play.

Kinderscience Camp: Tinker Time


Practice your building skills! Build a tall tower out of boxes. Use rubber bands and a peg board to make amazing shapes. Make a shadow monster that moves, along with other fun building activities. This camp will offer opportunities for structured activities and free choice play. Caring adults are welcome to stay and play.

STEM Discovery Camp


Kids will explore the following topics:

  • Overhead and Underfoot: Get outside and look up and down! Play with shadows and investigate the lives of worms and bugs. Make a star finder and learn about the planets.
  • Forces and Motion: Make a balloon buggy racer and use problem solving skills to make it go faster. See how forces can speed up or slow down marbles on a roller coaster.
  • Changing Earth: Use clay to sculpt mountains, valleys, and other landforms. Watch as water carves a river channel in sand and see how erosion and weathering changes the earth’s surface.
  • States of Matter: Solids, liquids, and gasses! Explore how matter changes in the ice melt challenge, and make some goo to take home.

Things Your Parents Wouldn't Let You Do at Home


Come have fun with the messy side of science! Make a pea shooter and play with light switches. Paint with spray bottles and fly swatters and play with your milk!

Upcycled Construction


Mailing tubes, newspaper, boxes, and tools—use found objects and your imagination to build tall towers!

Rock Investigations


Play games to learn how rocks change over time. Go on a rock scavenger hunt. Find your pet rock in our garden and use it to practice weighing and measuring. You’ll even paint a picture with your rock! Take rocks home to start your own rock collection.

Artsy Science


Explore colors of the world through light, paint and other mediums. Use the sun to create your own shadow painting along with other fun, creative activities.

Crazy Contraptions


Make a variety of moving contraptions! Make a scrub brush monster, a marshmallow launcher, and other fun creations.

Animal Adventures


Explore the animal world while learning about ecosystems and adaptations. Find camouflaged caterpillars, go on a bug hunt, and build a model habitat for a bear, along with other fun activities.

Math Laughs


Have fun with the playful side of math! Go on a measure hunt, create your own math game to take home, and make a beautiful piece of math art.

Longwarts Bewitching Science


Explore the world of wizardry, design your own wand, and create magical spells and potions.

Alpha Omega Girls Camp: Science of Art


Join Longway Planetarium as we partner with some of Genesee County’s best teachers. Guest teachers from the Alpha Omega Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma Society will be on hand as girls explore the creative side of science! Use alcohol inks to make a beautiful set of coasters. Explore geometry while using math tools to make works of art and work together to make materials to use in a collage.

Air Power

Rocks and Fossils


Build your rock and fossil collection with new samples while taking a tour through the rock cycle. Hunt for fossils in some fossil-rich sediment and make a fossil model to take home.

Microscopic Discoveries


Use hand lenses, Magiscopes, and microscopes; learn how to use these tools to see the unseen! Prepare and view slides while learning about cells.

Biome Zoo


Unwrap your mystery animal and design a biome enclosure for it. Can you identify all of its needs for life? Put your project together with the rest of the group to design a Biome Zoo.

Camp Michigan


Great Lakes—great state! This camp will explore Michigan with fast paced and fun STEM and history projects and activities! Re-create the Mackinaw Bridge. See why our precious water sources are so important. Build a lighthouse model and investigate shipwrecks. Follow a timeline of activities and artifacts from the Anishnabeg to the workers on the automotive line.

Lets Get Medieval


Step back in time to explore knights of the Middle Ages. Learn how to become a knight and design your own suit of armor for battle.

STEM Explorations Camp


Kids will explore the following science, technology, engineering, and math topics:

  • Energy: Light, shadows, colors, sound, and more! Build shadow sculptures and mix colors of light. Engineer a better string telephone.
  • Build-It Challenge: Try your hand at a variety of “Build-It Challenges” including a Lego free-build.
  • Space Day: Explore the solar system and beyond with fast-paced and fun hands-on STEM activities.
  • Life in the Lake: Turn Longway Planetarium’s Family Science Room into a Great Lake model while investigating the ecosystems that support life in the lake.

Maker Lab Free Build

Plants: Facts Vs. Myths

Viking Model Rockets

Alpha Omega Girls Camp: Garden Exploration

Rat Dissection

Weeds and Seed

Life of Trees

Dinosaurs Unearthed