STEM Discovery Camp

This event is no longer on sale.

Monday June 25

1:00 PM  –  4:00 PM


Kids will explore the following topics:

  • Overhead and Underfoot: Get outside and look up and down! Play with shadows and investigate the lives of worms and bugs. Make a star finder and learn about the planets.
  • Forces and Motion: Make a balloon buggy racer and use problem solving skills to make it go faster. See how forces can speed up or slow down marbles on a roller coaster.
  • Changing Earth: Use clay to sculpt mountains, valleys, and other landforms. Watch as water carves a river channel in sand and see how erosion and weathering changes the earth’s surface.
  • States of Matter: Solids, liquids, and gasses! Explore how matter changes in the ice melt challenge, and make some goo to take home.